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23 July 2019

Is it a tango dress?

This post is dedicated to all my tanguera friends. You all look magnificent.


Recently overheard in the milonga:

Woman to my (ultra stylish) friend: “That’s a beautiful dress!”
My (ultra stylish) friend: “Thank you! It’s not a tango dress, but…”

Women’s tango clothes are subject to three things: feminisation, commercialisation, and “trendification” - maybe more now than ever. I do love dressing up for the milonga and am influenced by tango clothes trends myself, but I think it has gone too far if we women feel that beautiful and perfectly useful dresses aren’t “tango” enough just because they’re not made especially for tango, or just because they don't have those particular "I'm going to the milonga" features.

So I made this small dress check list:

Image © T. Antzée

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