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3 June 2014

Perfume de mujer?

Sometimes, it's just too much. I'm sure that everybody, both girls and guys, thinks so occasionally, so I hope you'll forgive me for venturing into the finger-pointing and toe-stepping zone today. Here goes:

- Don't put perfumed stuff on body parts that's going to touch your dance partner. It will rub off, and it feels really weird to smell of somebody else's perfumes (especially the opposite sex').

- Remember that your brain is used to your own perfume and has stopped reacting to it, so most of us are using too much, even if we just put it behind the ear.

- Other people may have a better sense of smell than you do.

- Most importantly: allergies are becoming a huge problem, so let's make life for our allergic tango friends easier.

Musical inspiration for the header: Perfume de mujer ("Scent of a woman") was composed in 1927 by Juan José Martín Guichandut, with lyrics by Armando Tagini. It was recorded by Carlos Gardel the same year, and also by several orchestras: Francisco Canaro, Francisco Lomuto, Juan Maglio, Osvaldo Fresedo, and Roberto Firpo. Here's Canaro's version with Agustín Irusta: