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20 June 2013

The musical dancer's notes

Statement from tango dancer: "I like to dance tango, but I don't like the music."


The music has always been the number one reason why I dance tango. In the beginning, I just lost myself in it, but as I got to know the music better, my main focus became another: to express the music through movement, together with my partner.

So. Which key elements in our learning environment are helping us to become more musical dancers? I think that there are many such elements, and each element is worthy of its own blog post. But for starters, I've made an illustration to sum up the elements that I find especially important - to see how they work together.

(the term "musical dancing" is of course problematic - it will always be partly subjective and open for interpretation. But for now, I'm defining it as "wanting to do something that fits the music in addition to walking on the main beat")

Which elements - these or others - do you feel have helped you learn to dance more musically?