23 August 2016

The jealous tanguer@

“The guys only dance with the new girl. It's so annoying! I have danced for much longer than her.”

Picture this scenario: You are a tanguero or a tanguera who have been dancing for quite a few years. You’re enjoying a bit of admiration from the members of your tango community, and you get to dance with everybody in the local milongas. But one day, you realise that things are changing. New dancers are appearing on the scene - dancers who are becoming popular in your community. Secretly, you feel put in the back seat. Going to the milonga just isn’t as fun as it used to be.

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Good news! Great dancers are like vegetables: they’re good for us!

Here are two simple-but-important reasons why every community needs advanced dancers, even if we think they’re better than ourselves. Correction: especially if we think they’re better than ourselves.

- Advanced dancers attract other advanced dancers. While it may take only two to tango, it takes a lot more to make a community. The more good leaders in the local milongas, the more good followers will want to come out and play, and vice versa. And a community with many good dancers will also look way more attractive to the beginners, who we all know are the people we need to create the future of every tango community.

- Advanced dancers can be a great inspiration source. Whenever I have the chance, I’ll watch my favourite social dancers to see how they move and how they interpret the music. It’s a very concrete, constructive way of collecting visual input. Watching the professionals on YouTube is great, but it’s not the same when it’s in 2D on a small screen. Plus performances don’t really give a one-to-one reflection of social dancing. Whereas I do believe that performances also can be inspirational for social dancing, seeing high-level dancing that works in a social context is super valuable!

No challenges means that you can live a comfortable life in your local community. But no challenges also means that you haven’t got anyone around you to inspire you to improve. Of course, there’s always the discussion of whether it actually is necessary to improve. But if you are indeed feeling threatened by good dancers, it’s probably a sign that you DO want to be good. And if you want to be good, you need to work for it. So take all the inspiration you can get!