21 November 2014

A box of chocolate

From time to time, I wonder whether my taste in music is sophisticated enough. Where others talk warmly about the complexity of the orchestras in the 40s, I might just as well be found dancing to Orquesta Típica Victor anno 1930.

But I’m thinking that a good milonga is like life.

Sometimes, it’s seriously dramatic and complex, like a Troilo-Marino tango. Sometimes, you just want to curl up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate with cream and Canaro-Maida. Sometimes, life is just pure fun and merry-go-rounds, like a D’Arienzo vals from 1939. Sometimes, it’s an elegant night at the ballet, like a Di Sarli 1950 instrumental. Sometimes, it’s Bingo night with De Angelis.

Well, maybe not Bingo night. But all the rest.

Happy weekend!

The music:

Milonga porqué llorás, Orquesta Típica Victor with Ernesto Famá 1930
Torrente, Aníbal Troilo with Alberto Marino 1944
Milagro, Francisco Canaro with Roberto Maida 1937
Castigo, Juan D’Arienzo with Alberto Echagüe 1939
El abrojo, Carlos Di Sarli instrumental 1958