24 May 2013

Dear unpublished commenters - an open letter

Dear unpublished commenters (you know who you are),

Do you ever wonder why your comments aren't published? Why your comments are deleted?

Do you ever notice that people become cranky in their responses to you when you *are* published?

I have a couple of thoughts as to why.

As long as you keep taking people's writings, kneading them like they were children's playdough into a little platform for you to stand on and speak,

as long as you pummel every blog post's content into a different shape, reconstructing people's thoughts so that they become opportunities to talk about something else that you find important, well, you can't expect your efforts to yield any results.

Or is it just that you don't read properly what others write?

All the best,
Tango Immigrant

Ps. This post is open for commenting. It's entirely possible - although not guaranteed - that I'll publish your comment this time.