2 January 2013

A Caló challenge

The first thing I do when I start tagging a tango, is to check if I have more than one version - it could be different recordings from the same orchestra, or just different edits of the same recording. The last one often offers some surprises.

The biggest surprise this far has to be Miguel Caló's "Qué te importa qué te llore"; recorded in 1942 and sung by Raúl Berón.

I have two versions of this tango - and they are identical, except for the beginning, which is totally different in these two versions. You can listen to them here:

* Version 1

* Version 2 or use this player (the 4th track)

This is what I'm hearing:

Version 1: four measures legato + piano transition 1- four measures staccato + piano transition 2.

Version 2: six measures staccato + piano transition 2, which means that this version doesn't have piano transition 1, the one we hear at 00:06 in version 1. We only have the last tone of this piano solo, which is a strong indicator that somebody's been cutting. And the legato strings are also gone.

The two first measures of version 2 replaces the four first measures of version 1. These two measures can be found later in the song - at 00:20. I think this part has been copied and pasted at the beginning.

Conclusion: Version 1 must be the original one.

These recordings are totally identical from approx. measure 5 / 00:08 (version 1) and measure 3 / 00:04 (version 2) through to the ending - even if the tempo / pitch is slightly different; version 1 is higher and I think a bit quicker. Which pitch is correct, I don't know.

Age Akkerman took the challenge and compared the two versions - and you can see the cool graphs of his results here.

(this is an edit of one of my earlier Facebook posts)

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